"I wanted to write you to express our satisfaction over the receipt of our new uniform shirts.  Several of the officers have commented on how comfortable they are and easy to care for.  In addition we have received many comments from our community about how professional the shirts appear.  I personally have found the new shirts to be a great addition to our department.  Both the Chief and I have been extremely happy with the quality of service and product you and your company has provided and as you know I have made many endorsements of Bratwear to others in Law Enforcement."  



"......In short your jumpsuits are amazing.  Mine fits like a glove, and is a welcome change from the old wool uniforms we used to wear.  Much more resilient, and the wind does not cut straight through you.  You offer a great product." 



"Thanks so much for sponsoring the mailing of the Police on Bikes Conference post cards. We have had over 100 calls in just one week - EXCELLENT !! And more come in every day. Bratwear can hold itself directly responsible for inevitable success of the 1997 conference!

Thanks again."




"Just wanted to drop you a note thanking you for expediting our shirt order!! I have enclosed a Departmental patch as well as a TX Paramedic patch for you to display with any other PD patches you might have. If you don't have a display board, they make nice drink coasters!!

Again thanks!! It is a pleasure doing business with you and your employees!!"

"I wanted to take the time and thank you and your employees for the excellent workmanship and customer service that I received lately. I had a problem with the pants that were originally made for me. I returned them with an explanation and am now wearing pants that are GREAT! The people I talked to on the phone were very helpful and courteous. I appreciate the work and the attention that was given me. I will gladly continue to refer "happy customers" to your company. Again, thank you."

"In late October 1997, I requested samples of your company's police bicycle patrol uniforms. You responded by immediately forwarding those samples to me, and I wanted to take a moment to thank you for your attention.

The city of Littleton, Colorado PD had decided to form a bicycle patrol unit during 1997, with the hopes of having the officers on duty during the early part of 1998. As part of that effort, I was tasked with evaluating equipment and uniforms for the unit. We obtained samples from various companies around the country and consulted with departments that already had bike units, in an effort to provide our officers with the best equipment that we could find.
I am happy to say that your company's uniforms were judged to be for and way the best that we looked at. The officers who will be assigned to the bike unit unanimously recommended to the Chief that we use Bratwear shirts and shorts, and the Chief agreed.

Thank you for your patience, and we look forward to doing business with you."

".... Last but not least, I would like to thank you and the other people that I have dealt with. Everyone has been very helpful and willing to answer any and all questions that I have. I have been so impressed with the quality of service, that I will definitely recommend your company to all of the dog handlers and bike officers that I know. You have a fine company and I greatly admire your professionalism."




"Before I share my thoughts, I would like to share our gratitude and extreme satisfaction with you regarding the high quality products we have purchased from you.

The Bratwear uniforms that we have purchased for our Bicycle Patrol Unit, have far exceeded our expectations in form, function and durability. Not only do we receive several positive comments daily from the general public and other law enforcement agencies regarding how good the uniform looks, our Unit constantly comment on the incredibly, unbelievable durability of the fabrics. Several of us on the Unit have had the unpleasant experience of meeting abruptly with the pavement while on patrol.

Officer John G. recently had a pedal snap while at high speed pursuit and hit the pavement hard, resulting in abrasions to his right arm and leg. John stated he was afraid to look at his jacket and pants fearing the damage he would see. When I looked at his clothing you could not even tell he had fallen, not even one mark or piece of upbraided material.

Officer Mike F. was launched over the bars at about 25 mph while on a call when he struck an unseen object at night. Mike's fall landed him in ER with sever road crash and time off, but his Coolmax shirt only had a small abrasion to the material. I too, have fallen during a sprint when my chain snapped, resulting in injury, and like John, my jacket and pants remained unaffected. We are responsible for the replacement of our uniforms when damaged or ragged and it is so reassuring to know that we have purchased a product where the company utilizes the finest materials and craftsmanship. So from the bottom of our hearts ( and wallets) we thank you!"




"I would like thank you for the support your company showed during the IPMBA conference. If Bratwear was not associated with IPMBA, our agency would not be aware of your company's products."




"I put out some questions in a police Usenet newsgroups; and, having only heard terrific things about Bratwear, I asked if anybody had anything negative to say.

The worldwide answer was NO. There were a few that hadn't heard of you so I passed on your info. But nobody in the world (albeit cyber-world) had anything bad to say about your stuff. Impressive. Very impressive considering the generally opinionated attitude of 'net surfers."